Yoga Athletes / Dynamic Flow

A down to earth, fun, creative and challenging class. Emphasis is placed upon correct body alignment, the synchronisation of movement and breath and the importance of a sumptuous, meditative relaxation.

This class is perfect for athletes and people who prefer a little more of an energetic class. Although this class may be challenging, it is also accessible, maintaining the philosophy that ‘yoga is for all’.

This specially adapted class aims to make yoga accessible and appealing to none Yogis. The focus is to improve strength, flexibility and balance, which together can help reduce injury for sports men and women. Whether you run, cycle, play football, rugby or practice marshal arts, these sessions are perfect.

Without proper stretching, before and after your sport, your muscles can become shorter and tighter, and your body unbalanced and unstable. Your body tries to compensate for this by putting unnecessary pressure on the muscles, joints and bones in the legs and back. This adapted Yoga will help loosen and lengthen all the muscles of the body properly, and reverse the muscle tightness.

For example, a common complaint from athletes is tight shoulders. Whilst this actually arises from poor sitting posture, it adds to the strains of running. Yoga & AcroYoga will counteract this by moving in a different way and so compliments your regular sport perfectly. Yoga can also make you run faster because it increases strength and flexibility, and so maximizes your performance and relieves aches and pains.

This program is the perfect activity to keep your sports world pain and injury free, helping with stress, in your body and your mind. Adding Yoga & AcroYoga in to your routine will not only strengthen your balance, it will increase your body awareness and elongate your muscles, helping to release tension particularly in the hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes.

Overall, the benefits you can expect from these specially adapted classes are:


  • Strength and stamina improvement – Yoga builds strength in every muscle, joint and ligament.
  • Injury prevention – Yoga prevents injury by increasing flexibility and strength as well as awareness of the body.
  • Better breathing – Pranayama, or breath work, will teach you to optimize your breath in sports and life. When you run you don’t realize how shallow and unregulated your breathing becomes, because you concentrate on the running and take breath for granted. Yoga builds your lung capacity in a different way.
  • Inner strength – Yoga can improve your concentration and the ability to overcome the ego telling you that you cant do something.
  • Relaxation – Yoga helps to reduce fatigue, improves sleep, clears the mind of worry and reduces physical tension.

Preparing for your session

  • Wear comfortable gear that allows free movement
  • All classes, for instructors and students, are in bare feet
  • Hair should be managed
  • Any loose jewellery should be removed by the class starts
  • Chewing gum is not allowed during any class
  • Students with medical history or current conditions (including but not limited to seizures, neuromuscular, renal, cardiac, insulin/diabetic, pregnant or chronic skeletal problems, disorders or diseases) must seek doctors approval prior to participation
  • Please don’t forget to join our Facebook group – ‘AcroDanceYogaZumba – members only’. We post regular updates and reminders, as well as being a great forum to ask questions, which other parents might help with

Studio Rules & Payment information

  • £48 booked as a course that
  • Payment can be made in cash (in marked envelope) or by online transfer
  • No refunds will be made due to absent because of illness or holidays.
  • Studio opens 10 minutes before class
  • We demonstrate and use hands on spotting for technique corrections
  • Drinks and snacks are allowed in the changing room only
  • No food or fizzy drinks are permitted in the studio
  • No outdoor shoes are allowed on the studio floor
  • All bags and belongings are left in the changing room at your own risk
  • Car parking is available in the disc zone – 2 hour maximum
  • Photos and videos of students may be taken during studio sessions and may be used by Acro Dance Studios for promotions in publications, press articles, promotional material and websites – you may opt out by request at the time
  • In the unlikely event of any class cancellations due to teacher illness, extreme weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will either provide an extra class or offer amend fees for the following term

Teacher – Aoife O’Donohue

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meet the team

Laura Booth
Laura Booth
Founder, Director & Senior AcroDance Instructor
Daniella Clarke
Daniella Clarke
Dance & Acro Instructor
Laura Davies
Laura Davies
Dance & Acro Instructor
Emma Wainwright
Emma Wainwright
Dance & Acro Instructor
Amy Convery
Amy Convery
Student Teacher & Senior Acro Student